• IBAN account constractuon mandatory after June 1st, 2014 (28.04.2014)

Starting June 1st 2014, the IBAN account construction is mandatory for denoting a payer's and a payee's transaction account on the payment orders.

  • Higher fuel prices in Croatia (18.04.2014)

Prices of gasoline and disel fuels rise between HRK 0,2-0,25 per litre at gas stations through out Croatia, as a result of the government decision to increase excise duties on fuels.

(izvor: http://dalje.com/en-economy/govt-decision-on-higher-excise-tax-triggers-higher-fuel-prices-in-croatia/506436)

  • No signs of economic recovery in Croatia before 2015 (09.04.2014)

The international Monetary Fund reports that they predict signs of economic recovery in Croatia in 2015.

(izvor: http://www.croatiantimes.com/news/Business/2014-04-09/35294/No_signs_of_economic_recovery_in_Croatia_before_2015)





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